Personalize your workspace with Mapiq's API

Mapiq is designed to simplify your workday, but organizations can accomplish even more with our API. Integrate our solution with the rest of your smart office technology for a fully connected workspace.

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What can you do with the API?

The Mapiq API will give you access to some of your subscription data and will allow you to automate actions in Mapiq, by connecting them to your existing business logic.

A typical use case is to automatically give people access to your buildings or parking facilities by making use of the our Reservations API. Or, you could enable automated check-in by integrating your access control system or your WiFi data with Mapiq's Check In API.

We are continuously extending our APIs to unlock even more possibilities. Stay tuned for more!

How to get access?

You can get access to our API if you have an active Mapiq subscription for a plan that includes API access (such as the Enterprise tier).

Step 1

Sign in with your Mapiq account.

This will give you access to our developer documentation and tutorials on how to use the API.

Step 2

Request API credentials.

This will give you the ability to call endpoints to retrieve data from your Mapiq subscription, or to execute commands.

Step 3

Build your integration.

Authenticate using your API credentials and call our endpoints. Refer to our documentation for available endpoints and how to use them.